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Terms and conditions is aimed for people who want to create or develop brands in Chile or abroad, looking for a creative label for their product without requiring a long process or development time, providing an easy purchase of label design in the categories Wine, Beer, Spirits and Liquors, delivering high quality work at low cost.

If an even cheaper design is required, there is available the OUTLET tab option, which will have labels that have been on the site for more than 1 and a half year.

  • Once the label has been requested, a maximum of 3 business days is considered for the delivery of the files. There is no instance of changes once the final files are submitted.
  • In case it is needed, the service includes a basic design customization that includes the possibility of adjusting the name or label title, vine, valley, harvest year, that can be completed at the end of the purchase (it is not interchangeable for other types of adjustments), uncompleted fields will be understood as not applicable or not requiring replacement of information. Labbels is not responsible for the information provided by the client or for incomplete fields. 
  • Any additional change not contemplated in the basic customization, will be quoted in a separate economic proposal per hour of work. 
  • Each label is unique and is sold only once. 
  • The delivered files include a ZIP file with editables in Adobe Illustrator, originals in PDF, mockup with and without background in PNG and JPG and label concept in PD. Files are delivered in print and digital formats. 
  • The service does not include design of back label, box, technical sheet, range, etc.
  • Once the files are delivered, the client assumes the responsibility of preserving and backing them up. Labbels will keep a copy of them without obligation, commitment, or responsibility for a period of one year and will host its client’s files on online servers such as Google Drive or another cloud.
  • The client assumes any legal claim on rights or authorship of materials that it provides for the development of the project, detaching Labbels from any direct or indirect legal action or claim. Labbels at its discretion, may use some royalty-free images or illustrations, acquired in recognized international photo banks, to complement the design.
  •  The feasibility and the registration of the labels names corresponds to the client.
  • The files sent are highly confidential by the company and copying of the published works is prohibited.
  • Labbels reserves the right to update or modify these terms and conditions, at any time and without prior notice. In the case of clients with an ongoing development, the terms and conditions in force at the time of their contract will apply.
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